ООО "National Environmental Corporation" is a holding company operating in various fields of national economy, including industrial and consumer waste management.

We have worked out a typical waste processing facilities concept for the cities of Russia with the population over one million people. Efficient economic operating principles have been developed with the consideration of climatic factors and composition of waste that allow to successfully solve the tasks of household waste management avoiding a considerable increase of tariffs for the population as well as to manage utilization and recycling of commercial and solid waste based on advanced processing of recoverable resources.

Moreover, our company has vast experience in the field of collection and utilization of industrial waste, including construction, automotive, plastics, metal and electronic waste, etc.


Out Team

We are proud of our team of leading specialists who are real experts in the field of industrial and consumer waste management. A considerable part of the employed technologies are patented. And the managerial and engineering techniques have know-how elements.

Our Divisions

OOO "NEC" consists of three major divisions - "NEC-consulting", "NEC-engineering" and "NEC-exploitation" which provide the full range of services related to waste management.

Our Technologies

The application of our technologies will allow the following: solve environmental problems of solid waste management at the level of international standards; improve the environmental sanitation of the region for a long run; facilitate recultivation of lands; return raw material resources to circulation while reducing the environmental impact related to their production.

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